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The Environmental Management System relates to the control and monitoring is performed for verification of compliance with contractual environmental commitments and the current regulations, which are involved in the management processes that perform System operating companies. Additionally focuses on the management of special projects that help positioning TransMilenio system as a sustainable transport system.

The control and monitoring environmental parameters of the system involves the following programs and strategies.

Air Quality

Emission of gases in the operation of the buses. In relation to the control that is effected emissions trunk and feeder vehicles operating in the TransMilenio system, it is important to note the following:

  • All trunk and feeder buses have their emission certificate in force and all are in the district environmental self-regulation program. The results of tests performed by operators opacity to the entire fleet are reported quarterly to the Department of Environment (SDA).
  • Vehicles have programs for preventive and corrective maintenance in line with the standards required by the manufacturer and the operating conditions of the system.
  • The drivers and maintenance personnel receive annual training in process as economical and ecological driving, and maintenance aspects and reducing emissions.
  • The SDA makes permanent controls for operators to verify compliance with the emission standard.
Water resources

Water efficiency and quality of discharges. All operators in the yards have implemented a program system for saving and efficient use of water, which highlights the recirculation of water in the washing processes buses daily. Turn on all the patios offers water treatment systems that discharge waste water far below maximum permissible parameters established by current environmental regulations

Energy Resource

Efficient use of energy and fuel quality. The TransMilenio system uses fuel efficiently and achieve considerable savings compared to traditional public transport.

Integrated waste management

All have patios Plans Waste Management, whose implementation ensures proper management of waste from generation to disposal, mainly those generated in bus maintenance. As u turn promotes the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials and prevention of waste generation.

Management of the urban environment

It is designed to incorporate monitoring mechanisms to landscape component, visual and environmental quality in the TransMilenio system, from the design and construction stages of the trunk and which aims to identify strategies for the recovery and maintenance public space, landscaping, infrastructure and urban facilities in areas defined and guidelines for the management of this component in the following phases of the system

Monitoring the CDM project

The TransMilenio CDM project is the first mass transit project in the world with methodology approved and registered with the United Nations under the Kyoto Protocol for reducing greenhouse gases since 2006. Monitoring by TransMilenio SA seeks to maintain the emission reduction standards in operating the mass transit system.

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